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Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

Updated: May 21, 2020

There is no better duo (aside from Mr. And Mrs.) than great skin and a great makeup application! Whether you are a bride or a makeup enthusiast, the #1 rule to achieve that flawlessness starts with the SKIN! (I will elaborate on this in another post because I have much to say). Makeup is a surface enhancer, but it needs a well-maintained surface to be applied to. Whether you're a full or natural glam bride, here are a few of my helpful tips to consider a month or two before your wedding day to achieve the most gorgeous makeup application- on a day where it matters most!

1. Dermaplaning, or shaving your face - Whether its a Dermaplane facial or using a razor tool at home (SO EASY), this is a game-changer!

The face has tiny little hairs all over it, whether it is dark or light. It serves no purpose! This is one of the first tips I learned as a makeup artist. The hair on the face can trap dirt and oils causing breakouts or uneven texture. When makeup is applied, it can often appear to look muddy or patchy. No Bueno! (only Spanish term I remember since high school and for good reason). Removing it will take your makeup application to the next level!

It also removes dead skin cells, penetrating the first layer of your skin which will also help you get the most out of your skincare! It almost acts as an exfoliation tool. Your moisturizers and oils will heavily seep into the epidermis and work SO much better.

Ultimately, it can diminish the appearance of acne scars or fine lines. It's a win-win all around. You will see the best results with a professional dermaplaning facial with your skin specialist.

Shaving your face sounds so weird- I know- but it is so easy! I use disposable small razors that you can find on Amazon or Target to remove the peach fuzz and dead skin.


-To start, make sure you are starting with super clean skin.

  • Hold blade at 45 degree angle

  • Work in small strokes

  • Keep skin as tight as possible

  • Be gentle!

Moisturize and use sunscreen afterwards. Avoid putting on makeup for at least 8 hours.

Personally, I do this every 3 weeks. Your girl is Armenian and Italian. I grow hair like a Yeti.

I highly recommend for a Bride a week or two before!

2. Eye Cream! Start to treat any dark circles or dryness with an eye cream. Vitamin C works wonders for darkness under the eye. I recommend:

Ole Hendrickson Banana Bright Cream (Here: )

Murad Vita-C Dark Circle Corrector ( Here: )

Not only do these cream creams help with dark circles, but it'll also improve the fine lines under the eye thus creating a great base for concealers and helping it not to cake up!

3. Masks! And I'm not talking about the CDC's. Hydrating, pore-minimizing, and tightening are all keywords I like to look for when looking for a mask. Sheet masks, too! Use a jade roller on while the sheet is on your face to really push the product into the skin and also break up any lactic acid buildup under the surface.

Some of my faves:

Deep Clean: -OleHendricksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask

and the OG Glam Glow Instant Treatmask

Exfoliating and Hydrating: Squalane + Glycolic Renewal Mask

Brightening: Daintree AHA Brightening Mask

4. HYDRATE!!!!! Drink tons and tons of water. Water helps your skin achieve moisture which helps with elasticity giving you more radiant, younger-looking skin. If you don't give your skin the proper amount of water, it'll become flaky and dry. No one wants that! Prepare a few months before the big day for those noticeable results. Also, helps with dry lips (for the kissing).

Remember your skin is an organ, made up of cells, made up of water. Without the water, the cells won't function properly. And that's all I got from Science class. I know my mom is proud of my private school education.

I hope you enjoy a few of these lovely tips!


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