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  • Erica Wright

My Top 5 Contour Products

Cheekbones for days with some of my favorite contour products. We all love a good contour. It creates dimension, gives a slimming appearance, and just helps to achieve that snatched look. It's also an amazing way to create symmetry to the face, such as fixing one cheekbone or jawline that may look slightly higher than the other or to achieve the appearance of a straighter nose.

Cream or Powder Contour:

When looking for a cream contour product, I like to use something creamy and blendable. Sometimes when a product is too dry, it'll take off your foundation when you go to blend or just create too harsh of a very visable line. We are trying to trick the world here! Adding a few drops of rose oil or facial oil to a dry cream product can help to move around better. I usually work fast once the product is laid on the face and leave the nose for last to get the most out of the contoured look. Note: when a product is too watery, it can bleed into the other areas of the face-defeating our chiseled purposes!

In either a powder or cream, you want to look for something MATTE. No shimmer! Contour is to create natural shadows on the face which is also why it's better to choose something a little more neutral/cool in tone and not too orange. Save that shimmer for the highlight!

Contouring may seem tricky, but here are some of my go-to contour products to help!

Fenty Match Stick in Mocha:

LA Girl Concealer in Beautiful Bronze:

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate in Intensity 01:

Kat Von D Shade and Light (love the powder and cream!):

NYX Contour Palette:

Let me know if you have any questions!

XO Erica

*Stay tuned for my full contouring video!

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