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Sweat Proof GLAM

"Full glam in the summer is EXTRA"... Hi, I'm EXTRA! Sometimes it's just necessary- whether it's a beach or pool party, a hot date, 15 person wedding, or a supermarket run (I don't judge). And now that we have added face masks to the mix, we have to do all we can to preserve the art. Also- makeup is expensive, takes time, and for it to be wiped off in my hot sauna of a mask, I would cry Drake tears.

SO I have some answers...

One of my favorite reviews that I love to hear back from my clients is "My makeup is still on 7 hours later" or "I slept in your makeup and wore it to brunch". I don't need to know what you did or how you didn't wash your face before bed but I LOVE IT. I live for it. Tell me you slept like a mummy to preserve the contour. I'm all about it. So we will add my usual steps to help sweat proof your glam for the day.

To do this:


Primers are lifechanging. Whether you have oily or dry skin, don't change your foundation- change your primer. Foundations can only do so much. If you're oily- go for the mattifying primer. If you're dry, grab the hydrating. For the summer months, stick to a mattifying primer. This will eliminate some of the sweat, as well as cause your skin to naturally illuminate in the heat.

Primers I love: MILK Makeup Hydro Grip

Benefit Porefessional

Becca Ever-Matte

Also- don't skip the moisturizer! This is still a crucial part as much as your may think that it'll cause it to slide. Hydration is a must and will help with helping the makeup last longer. Opt for one on the lighter side, such as one with a gel-like formula or waterbased with a thin texture in areas you need it the most. If you are going for the full glam look- be mindful of SPF. It can often cause flashback in photos!

Tatcha The Water Cream

Sephora Collection All Day Hydrator

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench

Dry Blotting Sponge

Another good trick that I have recently come across- a dry beauty blender. I know, I said it- DRY. This is the only time I will say so! I keep a small, clean beauty blender in my bag to blot around the oily/sweaty areas of my makeup. This won't take it off if you are gentle!Iit helps to absorb some of that access water.

Waterproof AND Non-Water Proof

I recently came across an article that suggested using a non-waterproof mascara as a base for your lashes and apply a waterproof coat to lock it in! I love this idea. This will coat your lashes to stay and not smudge, with the added benefit of not having to intensely scrub off at the end of the day! Genius.

Maybelline Telescopic Mascara

MiLK Cosmetics KUSH Mascara

Dior Show Black Out Waterproof

Setting Sprays

If you have gotten your makeup done by me- you know that I love my setting sprays! I think the primers and the setting spray is the glue that holds my glam together. I love the Urban Decay All Nighter or Morphe Continuous Mist, as well as the NYX Mattifying Setting Spray if you tend to be extra oily.

I hope these tips help in a successful SUMMER SLAY, even if you are a light makeup wearer as well. Set it, forget it, and pour up another glass of Rosè.

love love love- Erica xo

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