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  • Erica Wright

Brush Cleaning 101

Are you noticing any breakouts? Makeup looking a bit patchy? This could be from your well loved makeup brushes. Not only do you bristles soak up any makeup your using, they can also can collect any bacteria, dirt, or oils on the skin. Not to mention any dust from sitting out on your vanity!

It is so important to clean and sanitize! This will not only help them to perform better, but to keep your skin clear as well. I recommend cleaning every 2 weeks or less!

My AT-HOME DIY favorite cleanser:

1/2 olive oil + 1/2 dishsoap.

1. Take one brush and lightly dip the end of the bristles in the mixture.

2. Run luke warm over the palm of your idle hand, and gently swirl the brush with the soap in circular motions.

3. Continue to run water over the bristles until water runs clear. Be careful not to fully drench the top of the bristles that are held in the base of the brush. FYI: Glue is holding those bristles into the wooden part and can often start to loosen the bristles causing them to fall out.

3. Take a paper towel and dry the brush in the same circular motions to remove excess water.

4. Lay out over right.

*This also works for Beauty Blenders! Beauty blenders can build mold from constantly dampening them, especially if you keep them in a vanity drawer or small space. Think of them as a sponge! I recommend washing after every 2-3 uses and replacing every 3 months.

Another cleaning solution I like to use whether in-between clients or day to day:

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner ( This is great as it's fast drying, rinse-free and gets brushes 99.99 % bacteria free.

For added sanitization, take alchol on a cotton pad and run over the handles to eliminate any bateria that may be on their from your hands!

Ta-Da! Clean brushes ready for your next GLAM.

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